Contribute2America's goal is to help the impoverished transition to a better, safer situation, where they too may contribute to our community with the power of one-on-one interaction. C2A helps our communities and our neighborhoods understand impoverished issues, from the point-of-view of solving problems, thus protecting and serving our clients and improving our cities together.

Make a one Time donation

The most effective support you can share is by making a financial contribution. Help C2A deliver hands-on support to those in need. 

Become a monthly Contributor

Our communities stand to gain or lose so very much in the coming years, and your support makes the difference. Become an ongoing contributor by making recurring donations, all tax-deductible. 


Be the hands-on change in our community and volunteer with C2A. We have ongoing opportunities, but also check back for seasonal volunteer needs.

Each night in the U.S., 17.4 million families go to bed hungry.

Contribute2America helps cure hunger by providing nutritious meals to anyone in need. This includes homeless people of all ages, as well as individuals and families who may be down on their luck and in need of some extra assistance. Hunger hurts children the most. In the United States, 20% (15.3 million) of children under age 18 face food insecurity on a regular basis. That means 1 out of every 5 children experiences prolonged hunger. A donation to Contribute2America feeds those in your community.