Here are some stories about Contribute2America.

What this organization has done over the years, who it has helped, and who is a part of it.

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C2a in numbers

Contribute2America was able to deliver 60,137 pounds of food to 9,403 men, women, and children this year. 

As we look forward to our eleventh year of service in 2019, C2A has set a goal to feed 5000 additional people during the coming year.

Jeremy's Story

Jeremy Turner, founder of Contribute2America, started the nonprofit while serving as a police officer in DeKalb County. Jeremy saw first-hand the impact of personal involvement in impoverished and homeless communities. Jeremy, called an "authentic social entrepreneur", created a food co-op that requires recipients to participate, carrying and boxing the food they take home. Find out more about Jeremy and Contribute2America in this AJC article from 2014 and this AJC article from 2009.

Homeless Awareness

One of Contribute2America's initiatives is helping bring awareness to homeless issues. There isn't a 'one size fits all' solution to ending chronic homelessness. Through our efforts, we hope to deliver a system of progress for each individual and each community.